WHL Bantam Draft

WHL Bantam Draft


1st Round    9th Overall    Jared Legien
2nd Round   31st Overall   Vince Loschiavo
3rd Round   53rd Overall   Declan Hobbs
4th Round   78th Overall   Cale Fleury
5th Round   89th Overall   Drew Warkentine
5th Round   96th Overall   Robert Johnson
5th Round   97th Overall   Dallas Hines
5th Round   98th Overall   Andy Stevens
6th Round   119th Overall  Matt Krawiec
7th Round  141st Overall  Connor Barley


1st Round    10th Overall    Troy Murray
2nd Round    32nd Overall    Dylan Overdyk
3rd Round    60th Overall    Hudson Elynuik
4th Round    76th Overall    Austin Wellsby
5th Round    120th Overall   River Beattie
6th Round    124th Overall   Zachary Smith
7th Round    142nd Ovearll   Shane Allen
8th Round    164th Overall   Jeffrey Veitch
9th Round    186th Overall   Logan Schatz
10th Round   208th Overall   Zac Paziuk

1st Round    17th Overall    Collin Shirley
3rd Round    61st Overall    Jordan Steenbergen
4th Round    70th Overall    Matthew Murray
4th Round    83rd Overall    Kyle O'Connor
5th Round    98th Overall    Jake Dube
5th Round    105th Overall  Zachary Zborosky
6th Round    121st Overall   Jackson Waniek
6th Round    127th Overall  Carter Forsyth
7th Round    149th Overall   Ryley Risling
8th Round    171st Overall    Jared Virtanen
9th Round    193rd Overall   Bronson Ammeter
10th Round  215th Overall  Braden Jakubowski
11th Round  237th Overall  Joseph Leonidas
12th Round  259th Overall  Jack Thomas

1st Round    15th Overall    Sam Reinhart
2nd Round    33th Overall    Tanner Faith
2nd Round    37th Overall    Wyatt Hoflin
3rd Round    59th Overall    Luke Philp
3rd Round    62nd Overall    Jaedon Descheneau
4th Round    75th Overall    Spencer Wand
4th Round    77th Overall    Cole Depape
5th Round    97th Overall    Jesse Wood-Schatz
6th Round    125th Overall    Kyle Krabben
7th Round    135th Overall    Jonathon Martin
7th Round    147th Overall    Jakson Elynuik

1st Round    13th Overall    Colby Cave
2nd Round    35th Overall    Matt Benning
3rd Round    57th Overall    Mackenzie Skapski
4th Round    79th Overall    Jeff Hubic
5th Round    101st Overall    Kurt Johnas
6th Round    123rd Overall    Mike Simpson
8th Round    167th Overall    Jared Iron
9th Round    189th Overall    Mitchell Fyffe
10th Round    211th Overall    Steven Myland

1st Round    15th Overall    Brendan Hurley
2nd Round    37th Overall    Ryan Bloom
3rd Round    59th Overall    Michael King
4th Round    81st Overall    Jarett Zentner
6th Round    128th Overall    Brett Teskey
7th Round    147th Overall    Adam Rossignol
8th Round    169th Overall    Dylan Schellenberg
9th Round    191st Overall    Scott Helmkay
10th Round    216th Overall    Cody Bisbing
11th Round    235th Overall    Jagger Dirk
12th Round    257th Overall    Riley Simpson

1st Round    20th Overall    Drew Czerwonka
2nd Round    42nd Overall    Elgin Pearce
3rd Round    64th Overall    Joey Leach
4th Round    86th Overall    Maxwell Reinhart
5th Round    102nd Overall    Derrick Peitsch
6th Round    130th Overall    Connor Tiechko
7th Round    152nd Overall    Tyler Vanscourt
8th Round    174th Overall    Connor Milligan
9th Round    196th Overall    Brendan O'Donnell
10th Round    218th Overall    Colton St. Clair
11th Round    240th Overall    Spencer Mault

1st Round    16th Overall    Nathan Lieuwen
2nd Round    37th Overall    Braydon McNabb
3rd Round    58th Overall    Simon Skrudland
4th Round    76th Overall    Joe Antilla
4th Round    79th Overall    Hayden Rintoul
5th Round    100th Overall    Michael Cassivi
6th Round    109th Overall    Jesse Ismond
6th Round    121st Overall    Dylan Friend
8th Round    163rd Overall    Jeff Gillen
9th Round    170th Overall    Anthony Harder
9th Round    184th Overall    Clayton Jardine
10th Round    205th Overall    Kyle Knelson

1st Round    20th Overall    Jordan Wilkins
2nd Round    40th Overall    Steele Boomer
3rd Round    60th Overall    Kevin King
4th Round    80th Overall    Riley Gillies
5th Round    100th Overall    Brent Henke
6th Round    103rd Overall    Brad Ryan
6th Round    120th Overall    Cody Bremner
7th Round    140th Overall    Daniel Salamandyk
8th Round    160th Overall    Britt Evans

1st Round    7th Overall    John Negrin
2nd Round    33rd Overall    Dustin Sylvester
3rd Round    47th Overall    Cam Stevens
4th Round    63rd Overall    Trent Fussi
5th Round    87th Overall    Tylan Stephans
5th Round    92nd Overall    Kory Gursky
7th Round    127th Overall    Jeremy Lohrer
8th Round    147th Overall    David Simpson
9th Round    167th Overall    Liam Jeffries
10th Round    187th Overall    Mitch Dube

1st Round    2nd Overall    Ben Maxwell
1st Round    12th Overall    Todd Panchyson
2nd Round    32nd Overall    Justin Taylor
3rd Round    45th Overall    Andrew Bailey
3rd Round    46th Overall    Brett Sutter
3rd Round    57th Overall    Ian Barteaux
5th Round    86th Overall    Scott Jackson
6th Round    112th Overall    Paul MacDonald
7th Round    132nd Overall    Kris Lazaruk
8th Round    152nd Overall    Kurri Darby
9th Round    172nd Overall    Brady McMullin

2nd Round    33rd Overall    Laine Allen
2nd Round    35th Overall    Wayne Bass
4th Round    71st Overall    Steven DaSilva
5th Round    85th Overall    Adam Stepp
5th Round    90th Overall    Christopher Cook
6th Round    109th Overall    Matthew Thomson
8th Round    147th Overall    Jason Isfeld
9th Round    166th Overall    Michael Young
11th Round    204th Overall    Ryan Russell

1st Round    18th Overall    Jeremy Schenderling
3rd Round    53rd Overall    Ryan Issel
3rd Round    55th Overall    Mark Wilson
4th Round    75th Overall    Joshua Fauth
5th Round    94th Overall    Mike Boxma
6th Round    113th Overall    Taylor Dakers
7th Round    132nd Overall    Jerris Paul
8th Round    151st Overall    Riley Jones
10th Round    174th Overall    Adam Burz
10th Round    186th Overall    Ryan Morris

1st Round    17th Overall    Dale Mahovsky
2nd Round    35th Overall    Jeff MacGregor
4th Round    68th Overall    Derek Price
4th Round    71st Overall    Bryan Bridges
5th Round    73rd Overall    Nigel Dawes
6th Round    107th Overall    Shawn Cathers
7th Round    125th Overall    Marc Desloges
9th Round    145th Overall    Normand Dupuis
9th Round    161st Overall    Michael Salekin
10th Round    163rd Overall    Tom Fedoruk
10th Round    179th Overall    Tim Jackman

1st Round    7th Overall    Andy Thompson
2nd Round    25th Overall    Adam Taylor
3rd Round    43rd Overall    David Eccles
6th Round    97th Overall    Travis Featherstone
7th Round    115th Overall    Chris Mowat
8th Round    133rd Overall    Cole McLean
9th Round    151st Overall    Alex Staudt
10th Round    169th Overall    Jared Craig

1st Round    3rd Overall    Dan Blackburn
2nd Round    21st Overall    Jordan Wallin
3rd Round    39th Overall    Tyler Dyck
3rd Round    41st Overall    Jamie Cominotto
4th Round    65th Overall    Kyle Sheen
4th Round    68th Overall    Brad Priestlay
6th Round    107th Overall    Brad Winchester
7th Round    111th Overall    Mark Harvey
9th Round    147th Overall    Derek L'Hirondelle

1st Round    1st Overall    Jarret Stoll
2nd Round    19th Overall    Colin Sinclair
3rd Round    37th Overall    Richard Hamula
5th Round    73rd Overall    Michael Gabert
5th Round    80th Overall    Jonathon Lupul
6th Round    91st Overall    Trevor Johnson
7th Round    109th Overall    Curtis McRae
8th Round    127th Overall    Cole Roberts
9th Round    145th Overall    Eric Haggarty
10th Round    162nd Overall    Monte Tutschek

1st Round    1st Overall    Steve McCarthy
2nd Round    19th Overall    Brad Sutherland
3rd Round    37th Overall    Tyler Beechey
4th Round    55th Overall    Brent Stowards
4th Round    62nd Overall    B.J. Boxma
5th Round    73rd Overall    Kyle Wanvig
6th Round    91st Overall    Jesse Ferguson
7th Round    109th Overall    Craig Priestlay
8th Round    127th Overall    Brett Landry
9th Round    145th Overall    Brad Schultz
10th Round    163rd Overall    Chad Rideout

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